Thursday, July 20, 2006

Da-na, da-na, da-na, da-na, da-na...

Silver Spring Station:: The Discovery Channel's Shark Week has a mascot. You can see his fin cresting a sea of buildings (pic #1) as you come into Silver Spring. His head, fins and tail grace all four sides of the new Discovery building. The Washington Post's pic is better than mine but I think mine tell a story, no? Posted by Picasa


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No Bikes Allowed...

Red Line to Glenmont:: Metro's
Bike-n'-Ride policy only restricts bikes by the center emergency doors. Posted by Picasa

A Room of One's Own

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Red Line to Glenmont Station:: Descent into the tunnel between Silver Spring and Forst Glen Stations.

I Got Blogged

I guess, in some small way, I've "made it" in the D.C. Blogosphere. DCBlogs blogged me! I've assured myself that I'm way to excited about this but it is kind-o cool. :^)

No Sliding

Farragut North Station:: There will be no sliding in between escalators. See those little knobbies sticking up? Think about it. Posted by Picasa

Blurry Escalator

Farragut North Station:: Yes. Another escalator shot. Posted by Picasa

The Driver's Door

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Red Line to Shady Grove Station:: I have no idea if it's really Naugahyde. Posted by Picasa


Red Line to Shady Grove Station:: Emerging from the tunnel between Forest Glen and Silver Spring Stations. The reflection of the train car is to the right; the reflection of my hand, holding the camera phone, is in the left foreground; and the blazing morning sun reflecting off the tracks is that big white blob in the middle. Posted by Picasa

Empty Seats

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Intersection on the 3rd Dimension

Red Line to Shady Grove Station:: I just thought the intersection of all of these linear elements was interesting looking.
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No News is Good News

Red Line to Shady Grove Station:: Aside from the heat violence dominates my morning read. None of it good. I've taken to just reading my daily dose of Pearls Before Swine and then getting on with my day. Posted by Picasa

New Lights

Wheaton Station:: Yesterday morning I noticed that the Wheaton Station platform seemed brighter and I concluded that they must have changed out the old bulbs. Ironically I just read that a blogger on is suggesting that Metro reduce the amount of light in the stations to save money. I would have said I have no opinion on this BUT I saw An Inconvenient Truth last weekend and it makes me wonder how much Metro could reduce their carbon footprint if they did as dcist suggests and cut the number of lightbulbs that line the platforms in half. Just a thought.Posted by Picasa


Wheaton Station:: My train speeds into the station, Tuesday morning, July 18th. I always ride in the first car on the way in in the morning because it drops me closest to the L St. exit at Farragut North. Posted by Picasa

Broken Again

Wheaton Station
:: The Irony. .. Just yesterday I uploaded some photos and mentioned how the middle escalator at Wheaton was finally fixed only to come home last night and find it broken again. Posted by Picasa

My Shadow

Brookland-CUA:: Someone on my car smelled like a diaper yesterday on the way home so I switched cars at Brookland. I took this when I stepped out on the platform. That's my shadow. Most of these images, though not all of them, are the result of me pointing my phone is a general direction and pushing the button that snaps the picture. I'm thinking I'd like to be more purposeful about capturing certain things I see but quite frankly I'm a bit embarrassed and I don't want people to feel like I'm violating their privacy. I've been very careful not to capture anyone's face thus far and will continue to do so. As for the embarrassment part... I'm sure I'll get over it. Posted by Picasa

Loading Zone

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Tracks Out the Window

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