Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It could be you!

Do you ride the D.C. Metro? Do you have a camera phone? Can you send multimedia messages (text and pictures) from your phone? If you answered yes to all three of these questions you could be a metro.texture-er!

What the heck is a metro.texture
? It's an image that captures an essential or characteristic quality of the Washington D.C. Metro System (trains only at this time, no buses). Images must be captured on a camera phone and then sent to the blog from that camera phone. No external manipulation allowed.

I'm in search of people that can submit metro.textures from any of the following routes:

I'll be collecting submissions on a rolling deadline, with each month having a different theme. You can find each month's theme listed in the top, righthand column of the blog's homepage. November 2007's theme is easy: Accidental Texture. (Read about my first accidental texture.)


Send your metro.texture
to the In Search of metro.texture-ers blog at metro.texture.insearchof[a]blogger[dot]com with the following information included:

  • An image title (use the subject line in your messaging program for this)
  • Your name (or e-handle, if your prefer) and email (This is for my use only. I'll remove it before the texture goes live. It's just so I can get in touch with you if necessary.)
  • Type of camera phone you used
  • Line, location (station, etc.) and direction you were riding when you took the picture
  • You can also include a short description of the picture, but it's not required.
So a submission might look something like this:

end of the line

Jennifer (See. No email here.)
AT&T Tilt
Red Line, Glenmont Station, toward Shady Grove
This is my morning train arriving at the station. I really like how the light from the inside of the train gives the platform a glowing quality.

I'll vet your submissions and make them go live provided they have the required info and are not offensive in any way.

Happy metro.texture hunting!